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Stargate Omega: Sheppard and Teyla
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Welcome to the Stargate Omega Sheppard/Teyla Thread Live Journal! This is a place for all you SO threaders to post your stores, vids, icons, banners and wallpapers for all to see and enjoy! It's also a place for you to unwind without the pressure of opposing ships driving you crazy!

The rules are simple

1. Be nice.
2. Try your best to use the proper LJ coding for stories, pics and the like. (If you don't know it, ask someone will help you)
3. If you are posting R or NC-17 rated fic, please make sure it's properly marked.
4. If you're not old enough to read that fic- DON'T.
5. Use LJ cuts for spoilers of un-aired Atlantis eps
6. If you like something someone has done, let them know. It's inspiring when we know folks appreciate our work.
7. No Anti-Shep/Teyla Ship comments will be allowed, so don't join if you can't control your outbursts.
7. Most of all Enjoy Youself! This is supposed to be fun!